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Ground Water Monitoring

Groundwater stands as a crucial global resource necessitating vigilant oversight, safeguarding, and effective management. The mandatory monitoring of groundwater level and recharge is widespread globally, addressing two primary purposes. Firstly, it involves mapping the groundwater table for hydrological purposes. Secondly, it encompasses measuring variations in groundwater level and pore water pressure, playing a pivotal role in geotechnical monitoring during the construction of large civil engineering projects.
Various instruments can be employed for groundwater measurements, with the selection contingent on factors like the monitoring objective, measurement precision, and the nature of pumping activities. We provides both vibrating wire and mechanical types of instrumentation for groundwater monitoring. These instruments serve diverse purposes, including groundwater level monitoring, pore pressure variation monitoring at construction sites, and groundwater table mapping on a broad geographical scale.

The automated groundwater monitoring systems offered by Sensors & Measurements Enterprises find extensive use in long-term continuous monitoring and stand-alone installations. The range of solutions available caters to diverse needs, from unattended maintenance-free monitoring of a few boreholes at a specific site to the statewide monitoring of hundreds of boreholes managed centrally.

One distinctive feature of our dataloggers is their two-way communication capability, significantly reducing field costs by facilitating easy remote access for system updates and maintenance.

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About Us

Sensors & Measurements Enterprises (SME) was established in 1997. The company is located in Lucknow, the capital city of Utter pradesh and Presently operates in India through our own marketing team, branch office at Chennai and some agencies.

Sensors & Measurements Enterprises is an 9001:2008 certified organization for design, manufacturing, marketing, installation/ commissioning and servicing of a wide range of very reliable and high quality vibrating wire type geotechnical instruments, SME currently has over 15 employees and around 30 good vendors who regularly works for us and helps us to meet our production targets.

Within a span of years SME through its trained, experienced and technical background people has developed a complete range of vibrating wire sensors of high reliability.