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Manufacturing and Testing Facilities

The SME Production and quality control department has aquired tools and equipments for assembly and calibration of sensors/ equipments. These include:
  1. Compression load testing machine up to 100 tons.
  2. Load cell calibration frame with dead load up to 100 kg.
  3. Heat cum humidity climate chamber.
  4. Dead weight testing machine for pressure sensors up to 600 kg.
  5. Calibration jig for Tilt meter.
  6. Calibration jig for Strain Meter.
  7. Stress meter calibration jig.
  8. Tape extensometer calibration jig.
  9. Calibration jig Inclinometer


About Us

Sensors & Measurements Enterprises (SME) was established in 1997. The company is located in Lucknow, the capital city of Utter pradesh and Presently operates in India through our own marketing team, branch office at Chennai and some agencies.

Sensors & Measurements Enterprises is an 9001:2008 certified organization for design, manufacturing, marketing, installation/ commissioning and servicing of a wide range of very reliable and high quality vibrating wire type geotechnical instruments, SME currently has over 15 employees and around 30 good vendors who regularly works for us and helps us to meet our production targets.

Within a span of years SME through its trained, experienced and technical background people has developed a complete range of vibrating wire sensors of high reliability.